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7 Various types of living room designs

living room design with modern blue sofa and fireplace credit: freshome.com

Designing a house must attent to the building design, including the living room. The living room is the heart of a house because in this room people spent a lot of time living to do an activity like watching television, gathering, chatting, and many other activities.

The living room does not have to be a large size, but if you have a vast land, it doesn’t matter to build a house with a large living room too.

The interior in the living room must be considered to fit the other house concepts such as guest room, bedroom, etc. Besides, the living room must also pay attention to the comfort of each living member.

To make it easier for you and your living to find a reference for the comfortable living room, we present the following types of living room:

1. Modern living room design

Modern living room design credit: home-designing.com

Amid this modern era, the most suitable home design applied and applied is a modern style design. Modern design is identical to a simple design but displays a pleasing design. In general, for modern living room designs, many people use a combination of gray and white, or black and white. This living room is dominated by gray with white ceilings, for floors you can use granite or marble of the same color. To add the impression of warmth, add a carpet on the floor. And don’t forget to give decoration on a wall and on a table that is in the living room. If you want to see other modern living room designs, you can follow them here.

2. Luxury living room design

Luxury living room design
Having a luxurious and elegant living room design is everyone’s dream. You can present this luxurious and elegant impression by using materials that are not too expensive but can give the idea of a living room being luxurious.
In designing this luxurious living room, you must pay attention to every element and material that will be used on walls, ceilings, and floors. For floors, you can use ceramic with a marble motif to give the impression of luxury on the floor. For walls and furniture, you can use white color because white is synonymous with luxury. To provide the feeling of warmth, you can add lights that highlight the walls with warm colors. To get natural light, I suggest making the window open as wide as possible so that the light can enter as freely as possible. To see other luxury living room designs, you can follow this link.

3. Minimalist living room design

minimalist living room design credit: home-designing.com

Having a narrow land is a challenge for people who want to maximize the design of their homes. Therefore homeowners must be clever in managing the space in the house. Designing a minimalist living room is one solution to this small land problem.
One of the determinants that make a room look good is the color selection in the room. The combination of white and black will make your living room’s minimalist feel modern. To maximize the place, you can combine the dining room and living room into one. For more details about the minimalist living room, please read here

4. Traditional living room design

Traditional living room design credit: thespruce.com

Making a traditional living room at the moment is not difficult. Just need an excellent decorating skill, you can present a traditional atmosphere for the living room to make it comfortable. Designing fireplaces with arranged stone can make your traditional room feel perfect. and using wood for the floor will add to the traditional feel of your living room

5. Elegant living room design

Elegant living room design with arm chair credit: www.interiorcharm.com

The choice of furniture in the living room is very influential in making your living room look elegant. Like placing two armchairs with a foot bench in the room, and using the wall as a bookshelf. Also, the selection of a good carpet will give the impression of a comfortable and elegant

6. Stylish living room design

Stylish living room design credit: architectureartdesigns.com

Innovations in designing living rooms today have created many models, including the form of stylish living rooms. Choosing the right color and furniture will certainly add to the excellent impact so that the living room looks more stylish. Combining various types of sofas and other furniture in the room will also make the room more elegant, of course, this only applies to rooms that have a large size.

7. Indian living room design

Indian living room design with hanging chair credit: pinterest.com

This modern design uses Indian style. The walls use warm colors while the floor uses marble. For sofas, you can use a pure white or black sofa, the hanging chair in the room will make the room feel more comfortable.

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