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10+ Shabby chic kitchen design tips for small kitchen

Shabby chic kitchen design and decoration

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In the past, the kitchen was only viewed from its function to cook and process food, so that makes the decorations were less concerned. Now the situation was different. Aesthetic or beauty aspects are also important and must be considered, including the places that are used to prepare food for all family members.
One of the decorations that have always been loved mainly by women is the shabby chic kitchen. One of the styles of the decoration using old furniture or in the language is often called: vintage. The shabby chic design is identical to the appearance of shabby elements but pleasing to the eye. This design is perfect for those of you who like soft and cute nuances with colors dominated by bright pastel colors like pink and green.
Here are some tips of shabby chic designs that can add to your kitchen decoration reference:

1. Color selection

white shabby chic kitchen design for minimalist kitchen credit: architectureartdesigns.com

The first thing to note in shabby chic decorations is the soft color selection, such as white, beige, or pink.
White color In addition to giving a clean impression also gives a spacious and very neutral impression so that it is easy to combine with a natural wood cup hanger place.

2. Try Using wallpaper or tiles

Shabby chic kitchen with floral wallpaper

credit: housetohome.co.uk

Besides color, wallpaper can also give a vintage touch in the kitchen. Choose rose wallpaper or tiles
Any rose or flower is not a problem. Choose the basic color soft. Pastel colors like light yellow, pink, and light blue are the best choices.

3. Selection of furniture

shabby chic kitchen with kitchen island anda cabinet

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If your kitchen has a pantry or is close to the dining table area, choose wood-based furniture with the natural color of light brown or dark brown
You can also choose a curtain with a gold color if your kitchen has a window out of the way. The color of gold is identical to luxury, but so it is vintage when it is exposed to white, matching colored chandeliers, and wall hangings of rose flowers.

4. Decorate the kitchen goods

shabby chic kitchen ideas

credit: forcreativejuice.com

In addition to the wallpaper, also use containers of spices or sugar and coffee in the form of cans with similar motives
Also, microwave or dispenser cover and any lid play an important role. Choose the color that soft, and there is a ribbon or flower accent on it.

6. Using food covers

At the dining table, you can use a serving hood that is also shabby chic so that your kitchen and dining room are more matching
Even if the dining table is not made of wood and instead made of glass, it can still look shabby chic with a decorative hood.

7. Select Tools in the kitchen with motifs that are similar to walls

Select Tools in the kitchen with motifs that are similar to walls

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If you want it, you can emulate a gas stove with floral motifs too
Whether it’s a special edition gas stove or deliberately pasted wallpaper, the gas stove is making the kitchen even more stunning.

8. Try using random arrangement

Arrangements that tend to look ‘scattered’ are also suitable. The important thing is to keep clean
Unlike a kitchen for a minimalist home, the shabby chic decor will look more attractive if the arrangement of items is a little random. However, the disadvantages of this method are that it will make it difficult for the homeowner to find the desired items, such as spoons, knives, etc.

9. Apply bright colors

Green Shabby Chic kitcehn design

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Well, it’s not just pink that is suitable for shabby chic kitchens. Green Tosca also gives an old impression
The use of color, even if only in one part of the kitchen turned out to be very influential. So you have to be careful when choosing colors.

10. Add hangings on the walls and ceiling

hanging furniture in shabby chic kitchen design

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Also, add decorative elements such as decorative cutting boards that are hung on the wall
Bright colored flower pots that are hung also make your kitchen different from the others. And the important thing is to stay shabby.

There are nine inspirational shabby chic kitchen decorations for you. It can be applied to you who are lazy to cook in the kitchen because it is dirty or smelly.

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