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Scandinavian kitchen designing tips

beautiful white scandinavian kitchen design credit: decoist.com

In the past three years, an industrial kitchen style is an option for kitchen styling and decoration. Not infrequently we see restaurants until the house adapts the styling style effectively unfinished and similar warehouse. In 2018, the industrial style seemed to have competitors. Scandinavian style touted will be the interior trend for the next few years.

Scandinavian kitchen design brings the concept of minimalist, neat, simple, and prioritizes practicality and functional. One of the most prominent features of this spatial concept is the use of a neutral palette and tend to pale. The superiority of the Scandinavian kitchen style is to make the room more spacious, so it is suitable for the tiny house or apartment size.

The increasingly limited residential area to make this Scandinavian kitchen style arrangement is more popular. If you want to bring a wide and comfortable impression to a narrow room, this style can be applied. Here are some of the tips, as quoted from the Huffington Post.

1. Use neutral colors for your kitchen

The bright colors make the room seem more intimate, while the neutral and pale palette gives the impression of the room more spacious and open. To add space, try experimenting with white or off-white paint. You can apply to the entire wall of the house, furniture. But if you want to bring white color as an accentuation or because you don’t have much time to change the color of the wall. Apply it through home accessories such as neutral-colored decorative pillows or put black-and-white framed photos on the wall.

Elegant white scandinavian kitchen decoration credit: residencestyle.com

2. Minimal Detail

Choose furniture or furniture with clean design and minimal detail. For the dining table, for example, use a flat surface. Not a table with lots of carvings or elaborate accents. Likewise with shelves, decorative tables, cabinets, cabinets, and chairs.

brick wall in scandinavian kitchen design ideas credit: decoist.com

3. Present geometric motifs

To make the room look fresher and dynamic but still Scandinavian-styled, choose a display or a simple patterned painting. Geometric motifs such as stripes, polka dot, hexagonal, or diamond. A simple Motif will make the room seem longer or wider than it is. Conversely, intricate and crowded motifs such as flowers, fruit, or animal skins tend to make the room seem smaller.

wood flooring in white scandinavian kitchen design credit: home-designing.com

4. Sufficient lighting

Make the room look brighter to create a wider space illusion. Allow natural light to enter your home through windows or other vents. If you already have a wide window, you have to open up the width of the curtain to get in the light. But if there is no wide window, zoom in ventilation and if necessary, home renovation to add windows. It needs more effort, indeed, yet it is worth it to make the house feel more comfortable in the long run.

white scandinavian kitchen with nature light credit: decoist.com

5. Don’t overlap

scandinavian kitchen design and decoration credit: www.italianbark.com

Try not to arrange the objects in a stacked way as it will narrow the room. Make the distance between the furniture one with the other furniture, so that the space that makes the room feels more spacious.

That’s some design examples from HOMEREPAIRDFW for you. Hopefully, the design can be an inspiration for your favorite kitchen design especially for Scandinavian design

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