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Rustic kitchen decoration and knowledge of rustic designs for home interiors

small rustic kitchen design using wall stone and marmers credit: dwellingdecor.com

In the previous article, I have written about a variety of kitchen models that can make your home special. Among the kitchen models, there is a kitchen model with a rustic feel. Rustic kitchen design is interpreted as something simple, artless, and rude. Rustic in language means ‘rusty’ or old, and has a rough texture and does not finish properly. Rustic kitchen style can be interpreted as a style in architectural and interior design that focuses on natural impression, from material that is not cleaned or refined. Such as wood, stone, metal, and so on. This style is a combination of standard things in interior arrangement. Not only in Country-style homes, but Rustic styles can also be matched with modern styles

The characteristic of rustic kitchen design, especially in using natural materials and not finishing Like instead of using painted walls. In this style, using a wall that is not painted, can also be covered with rock elements with a strong texture. The roof shape is usually a traditional model using materials that are naturally impressed instead of the manufacturer. The highlight is the rough and old material impression.

rustic kitchen design using wood element credit: kitchen-design-ideas.org

The fundamental elements in using rustic kitchen design styles are wood, natural stone, wrought iron, metal, and other natural materials such as cotton, linen, wool, leather. The rustic interior design takes you to the rustic nature with the dominance of a brown palette. If you want additional bright colors, choose room Accessories from other color palettes to improve the mood of the room. Where increasing the mood of the room is intended to add a cheerful or colored impression in space, not monotonous. The dominant color is the color of the impression of strong material, such as gray, terracotta, black, wood brown.

Rustic Kitchen Design Interior can be seen directly from the design of the rough and messy texture, exposed stone walls. Furniture of a beautiful wooden block not sanded or rusty chandelier is a characteristic of Rustic style. In this era of Go Green design, Rustic style is very precise added in the kitchen interior arrangement because it can use the used goods such as twigs, cans or items that have not been used to be a space decoration display.

To create this design concept, it is not arbitrary material can be added, because if not right, the room will look dirty and not neat. The easiest way you can do is not to expose excess to the Rustic element. For example, using wood whose texture is left to be seen clearly and not made Glossy. The look of wood remains natural and unaffected industrialization, but it is precisely where the Rustic art will emerge. Regarding the value of the art displayed, it does not depend on the complicated and expensive forms of material, but how to process them.

rustic mediterranean style kitchen with custom breakfast bar and betularie granite counters credit: designingidea.com

The combination in the interior arrangement is essentially the same as the common principle. Because the rustic style emphasizes the use of material with an extensive rough texture, which is more emphasized is the warm atmosphere caused The use of material with a strong/textured impression. The warm impression posed in our sense is comfortable and friendly or feels very familiar with the space of the rustic feel. With a Rustic twist in the modern style, the room will look unique and more characteristic. Not only that, but Rustic style can also show the identity of the owner.

This style is mostly done in modern ethnic style design because of many elements of ethnic elements that can be used as accents of modern style interior. For example, a room with a clean, modern style can be filled with one or two ethnic style furniture that is usually a lot that is not polished, or deliberately not polished in hopes of appearing rustic impression.

spacious rustic kitchen decoration credit: midcityeast.com

In designing, choose a material with a strong texture effect, but it is not coated with a coating material such as paint or cement. Elements of material objects that are impressed old like old wood with a nice texture can be used as accents when coated on the wall. Material that impressed simple and cheap price such as exposed brick used wood, coconut wood And also can be combined with the manufacturer materials such as glass, metal, and others to create a blended atmosphere between the rustic and modern impression.

Maybe that’s all, you can use the above knowledge as a reference design your rustic kitchen. thank you

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