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10+ Most Popular kitchen design

kitchen design idea credit: home-designing.com

The kitchen is one of the rooms in a house that has a vital role for its residents. In this kitchen, some food ingredients will be processed and cooked into delicious food. Besides prioritizing the function of the kitchen itself, the model should also be considered with maturity to fit the concept of the residential interior as a whole. Thus, you will have the comfort of cooking as well as a kitchen with high aesthetic value.
Before deciding what kitchen model you will apply in future dwellings, you need to know the following 10 kitchen models!

1. Shabby chic kitchen design

Shabby chic kitchen design with modern furniture credit: home-designing.com

The Interior of shabby chic is identical with elements that are shabby but still stylish and unsightly. Shabby Chic is not only suitable for decorating the interior of a living room or bedroom, but also for a kitchen model.
The Interior that is often associated with this feminine term does have a soft and cute nuance. The colors that dominate this shabby chic kitchen model are bright pastel colors like pink or green. This kitchen lighting does not need to be as bright as a minimalist model, you can use yellow light bulbs. For furniture, wood materials are highly recommended.

2. Minimalist kitchen design

minimalist white kitchen design with kitchen set and furniture credit: www.italianbark.com

Minimalist kitchen model is a common kitchen model found today. The characteristic of this kitchen model is the use of neutral colors such as white, black, and Gray. Furniture selection also affects this model. The furniture models used usually have firm lines without indentations, ranging from cabinets, cabinets, to desks.
The material can be from plastic, iron, or other slippery surfaces. Compared to other kitchen models, this minimalist kitchen model looks simpler without many decorations and cookware that is not arranged at the table. To make this kitchen look more colorful, use a flower vase or fruit as an accent on the table.

3. Industrial kitchen design

rustic industrial kitchen design

source: pinterest.com

Some of the most prominent elements on industrial kitchen models are the use of large lamps, exposed walls, and iron. The use of large lamps usually hung on a dining table or kitchen island as the main decoration industrial kitchen model.
Moreover, the lighting depends on the ordinary lights or sunlight that go through the window. The industrial Model is also identical to the exposed wall made of brick or concrete. Sometimes some models expose the ceiling.
This part of the kitchen floor is usually left without cover material such as ceramics. But again back on the taste of the occupants and adapted to other room interiors. For furniture, the most commonly used material is iron for tables, chairs, and stove racks. However, some people combine iron and wood materials to make the atmosphere feel warmer.

4. Contemporary kitchen design

Modern Contemporary kitchen design credit: waveavenue.com

Contemporary kitchen models are models tailored to the development of the Times. In general, this contemporary kitchen has a kitchen table or kitchen island. The laying of furniture is also very simple with no elaborate decorations. The most commonly used material is stainless steel because it is efficient to clean and durable for quite a long time.
It is following the lifestyle of modern society that moves fast and practical. Lighting is also an important element in contemporary kitchens, either direct lighting or indirect use of lights. Usually, the contemporary kitchen is open, so it is seen to blend into the other room.

5. Rustic kitchen design


credit: interiorgod.com

Model of the rustic kitchen can be said to have characteristic of old nuances, natural, and rough because the surface of construction and furniture does not go through the finishing process. If imaginable, maybe you would think this rustic kitchen model would look ugly and not classy. Though this kitchen model can look charming and create a nuance of the past!
The material that is often used for this kitchen model is wood, stone, and metal. Wooden furniture will usually be left with the original color. In several houses, the ceiling is left to look like a part of the buffering without any cover.

6. Scandinavian kitchen design

Elegant modern white Scandinavian Style kitchen with skylight credit: residencestyle.com

The precedence of Scandinavian kitchen models is function, hygiene, and environmentally friendly. The display model of this kitchen is quite clean and bright as there are not many furniture and excessive decorations. The kitchen is dominated by white color. The furniture is all white, either wood or plastic material.
Lighting also has an important role here. In addition to relying on light from the lamp, you need a large window for sunlight to enter the kitchen. If you want to add a little color to the kitchen, you can put a small pot of greenery.

7. Traditional kitchen design

Luxury Traditional kitchen design credit: home-designing.com

As the name suggests, this traditional kitchen model is a kitchen that is often found in old houses. However, this model can also be applied to the current home. Usually, the traditional kitchen is dominated by the brown color of furniture made of wood. Unlike the modern furniture that is practical and the shape is simple, the furniture in the traditional kitchen is precisely large so that it is more suitable to apply to the large kitchen.

8. Victorian Kitchen design

Victorian Kitchen design ideas

credit: kitchen-design-ideas.org

The Victorian kitchen Model has the same characteristic as other Victorian-style rooms. Crystal chandelier is a mandatory decoration for this kitchen. The size does not need to be large, which is important according to kitchen sizes and does not interfere with the motion space. If lighting from a crystal chandelier is not enough, apply indirect lighting tucked between the ceiling. In this kitchen model, the furniture used has elaborate carvings in each corner, either for cabinets or tables and chairs. The surface of the table or floor usually uses marble. The colors that are often used for this kitchen are beige, white ivory, purple, or gold.

9. Retro Kitchen Design

Retro Kitchen Design credit: trendir.com

The retro kitchen model was a model that had been popular in the 1930 era until the 1970s. The characteristic of this kitchen model is a classic and attractive touch. The colors used are quite bold and striking like green, blue, red, yellow, and brown. These colors are often combined in one room at a time. Materials that are often used for furniture are plastic, fiberglass, vinyl, melamine, and plywood. For the decoration, you can use a small pot of clay, a chess board-patterned object, an attractive wall decoration, and a hanging lamp with a striking cover.

10. Vintage Kitchen Design

Beautiful Vintage Kitchen Design credit: lovethispic.com

Vintage kitchen models are synonymous with old-time furniture that has an outdated impression. The colors that are often used are salted egg greens, beige, pastel pink, and orange. The cabinet on this vintage kitchen model is usually made of wood and has glass doors. So that the inside is visible from the outside. The cutlery you find in this kitchen is usually made of ceramic with a motif of flowers or small birds. To beautify the look, you can put a vase on the table as a simple decoration. Okay, that’s ten different models in designing the kitchen. Hopefully, with the above reference, you can build your kitchen according to your wishes

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