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5 ways how to design a modern living room

5 ways how to design a modern living room credit: donpedrobrooklyn.com

The living room is one thing that is very important in a house. Therefore, in designing a living room, sometimes we make a concept without thinking about a useful idea in arranging the room. So that it looks neat, so that when the building that we design was already made, sometimes it seems ordinary. Therefore, before we build a house, it’s better to consider what will you put in a house. Including the living room so that there is no mistake in planning the construction of the house and looks modern. Here are some tips that you can apply before building your modern living room:

1. Selection of living room position

Actually, for the choice of the area of this living room, we can adjust it to our will. However, to further maximize location planning, we should make a concept. For example, a living room is made separate from the living room or united. The living room is made integrated with the dining room, etc.
To get the impression of a modern living room, usually, the living room, living room, and dining room are made into a single unit without any boundary barriers. The advantage of this concept is that it can maximize places that are smaller in size, and also make it easier for people to access inside the house. However, the concept room like this has disadvantages, namely the absence of restrictions or privacy of the place from the activities we do inside the house.

2. Shape the living room

The shape of the room for the living room is up to the homeowner. Can be large, medium or small, of course, this is influenced by the area to be built. To get the shape of a modern living room, you can give a little touch of a model to the wall or ceiling.

3. Painting the living room

For painting in the living room. To make it look modern, we recommend using the best quality paint because the quality of the paint will affect the good results or not of a room.
For color, use bright colors so that the room looks good, avoid using colors that make the eyes hurt like the color of the blend between red and black, or the other. The color of the ceiling must be following the colors on the walls and floor to get the perfect results for your modern living room

4. Wallpaper for living room

The function of the wallpaper is the same as wall paint, which is beautifying the wall. However, some things are difficult for us to apply when using color, such as giving motifs to walls, making drawings on walls, etc. Most people who use wallpaper on the walls of their homes aim to beautify the walls of the house and make the walls of their houses different from the others.
For the wallpaper itself has a variety of motifs and colors, for the material is also diverse, some elements are thin, medium, thick, glossy, and soft. You choose which material you will use in your modern living room. It’s easy to apply it on the wall too. You need to paste this wallpaper on your wall. In general, most types of wallpapers have been given adhesive on the backside, but some are not.

5. Furniture for living room

To get the results of a modern living room, choosing furniture is very important, such as sofas, chairs, tables, wall hangings, table decorations, etc. Furniture in contemporary living rooms has a vital role to play in making your room comfortable and comfortable. Therefore, when buying furniture, try to adjust to the theme and color of the room.

6. sofa for a modern living room

Generally, for a living room, more people use a couch, even this type of sofa various kinds of shapes that are straight, curved, some are L-shaped, etc. Adjust the shape of your sofa with your modern living room design. For color selection, you have to adjust the color/theme you choose with your modern living room. 5. Table for a modern living room
For the selection of tables can be adjusted to the height of the sofa, you can choose to use a table made of wood, glass, or aluminum. For color, try to match the color of the sofa, or you can use neutral colors like white or black.
To add to your reference related to the design of modern living rooms, here we present some examples of designs that have been used by many people.

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