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10 ways to design a minimalist living room look spacious

How to design a minimalist living room

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Having a neat house is certainly very pleasant. Besides that, a neat house is believed to make the occupants feel at home. Meanwhile, a dirty and less tidy house is not fun and makes you feel uncomfortable staying at home. The size and model of the house can affect interior design in the house. It is not difficult to make the appearance inside and outside the home comfortable to look at.
Including if you have a minimalist home design, so it is difficult to be able to arrange the space according to their needs. For example, because of the less large size, then you combine the guest room with the living room. Whereas when viewed from its function, the living room is official and you will receive guests here, and other occupants in homes should not feel disturbed. But if the size of the land is less extensive, combining the guest room and living room can be the right idea. You have to be smart in managing the room.

You don’t need to be confused and follow the way to arrange a guest room that blends with the living room to make it attractive.

1. Give a barrier to separate the guest room and living room

If you have a larger size of the living room, but the design is not made for the guest room too, then try to give a barrier. The barrier can be a cabinet of rattan or wood with such application. Apply the barrier starting from behind the chair or sofa. Consider keeping the room comfortable so that when there are guests, it will not disturb other families. Indeed, this method is still a weakness because surely, guests are also curious about your home. Or you can apply a minimalist living room design model.

2. Choose the right sofa for the guest room as well as a living room

Then, even though it becomes a guest room and living room. You can choose the right sofa. The sofa model can be adjusted according to the size of the guest room and living room. If you apply two functions for one room, then choose a sofa that can be used for guests and families. Make sure you ask the way to arrange the living room according to the concept, whether it is luxurious, simple, minimalist, or classic.

3. Place a coffee table in order to get a modern feel

The coffee table is very identical to the guest room. But it also impresses a warm and comfortable living room. So when you have found a sofa, you don’t always have to use the same table like sofa model. You can choose a model such as a wooden table with low leg pieces or other. The impression of modern and classics in the guest room like this is also suitable for the living room. For that, the selection of a modern living room table is essential.

4. Provide television so families can watch together

One of the things that are very identical to the living room is TV. The TV is perfect for showing guests that this room is relaxing to receive guests. You can choose a TV model that is mounted on the wall.

5. You can make a living room without using a sofa

Another model you can apply is to make the living room not the same as usual. If the room is quite narrow, you can choose the concept of a living room without using a sofa. This method can be applied by installing thick carpets. Then give a comfortable sitting pillow, so it is suitable for sitting either with family or guests. Also, install a small coffee table so that it can be useful when there are guests. This step will be a way to organize a small home but memorable.

6. Choose the right color for your minimalist living room

Shades of color for the guest room and living room must be made comfortable and following the purpose. You can choose colors that are formal but not too flashy. For example, pale yellow, bright blue, white, pastel colors, and light gray. All of these colors can be combining with furniture ornaments in the living room like a sofa, coffee table, and curtains.

7. Proper lighting to get luxurious fell

Besides that, you also have to think about the right light. This step is very appropriate to make your room does not look dark during the day. The lamp model can be made hanging above as correctly for the living room. Then install a wall lamp so that, when there are no guests, you can turn on the wall lights and add a warm impression to the living room.

8. Give decoration on the wall

If you apply a guest room and living room concept, you can add wall decoration. You can choose a painting, art poster, wall sculptures, photographs, or other decoration to decorate your wall. In this way, the decoration on the wall will become a symbol of family warmth. You can also apply other decoration concepts such as wallpaper on one side of the main wall.

9. The concept of floor and wall colors

If you want to give a minimalist and modern touch to the guest room and living room, then you can provide a lot of colors. You can choose a sofa model with a combination of two or three colors. Then choose also a pillowcase on the sofa with a contrasting color. Give colors for carpet and floor parts like a combination of wood floors and carpets with natural colors. This method will make the guest room and living room feel very comfortable.

10. Make a full window so that light can enter freely

Another way you can apply the concept of glass windows with a full size. Of course, with this concept, the room will get natural light. And another advantage is the room will be alive with color in the room and natural light from the outside. Add curtains with accents that aren’t too fancy. Also, choose a comfortable low-cut sofa.

That’s some ways to organize a guest room that merges with the living room to make it attractive and give a minimalist impression. You can apply one of the exciting concepts for your home so that the house looks neat even though it’s small.

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