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9 tips how to design a minimalist kitchen

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Who doesn’t want to have a simple and neat kitchen? Surely you want it. Kitchen is one of the rooms that must be in all types of houses. The kitchen has a vital role in the home because it is a place for us to process and cook food. The kitchen is known as one of the rooms that have a lot of furniture, and it can even be the most. To arrange kitchen equipment can be done by grouping furniture according to the same type and function. Organizing the kitchen will certainly be easier to do if the area is large and full. But what happens if the kitchen has small and narrow land? Of course, you will need extra energy.
Because the kitchen is a place to process and cook food. Then it makes the kitchen easy to get dirty, therefore structuring the kitchen and maintaining cleanliness must get more attention. A healthy and functional kitchen indicates your home is included in the category of a healthy home. The primary key in creating the feel of a clean and tidy kitchen even though the kitchen is narrow is to clean it regularly. Clean the kitchen at least once a day. Also, there are some other tips and tricks that you can do to organize your small and simple kitchen. The following tips.

1. Organize the initial design appropriately

In the early process of designing a kitchen before putting furniture into the room, you need to design the whole kitchen design first. Because the kitchen in your house has limited space. Make a design that fits the kitchen area and furniture layout design that makes it easy for owners to carry out activities in it.

2. Prioritizing required and frequently used tools

As mentioned before, there is a lot of furniture stored in the kitchen. Because your kitchen space is narrow, you can’t immediately put the item into the kitchen. For this reason, you will need a priority scale. Which items are considered necessary to be included in the kitchen and which items are not required?. For tableware such as spoons and forks can be placed in areas can quickly found, or you can also store in the cabinet to make it tidier. Likewise, with other furniture, the placement must be grouped according to the function and type.

3. Choose the right furniture

An easy way to arrange a small house to make it look minimalist is to put furniture following the area of the kitchen. All you have to do is adjust the size of the furniture with space. The furniture that used must tend to be lighter and also leaner. That way, your kitchen will look more spacious. For the kitchen set, you can use a kitchen set made from stainless steel, you can also use a wooden kitchen set. But make sure you choose the type of wood that is not eaten by termites.

4. Designing the Kitchen Lighting

The layout of the lights in the kitchen also affected the results of the narrow kitchen arrangement. Light sufficient and also bright will be able to give the illusion of the kitchen look more lengthen. Also, adequate lighting in the kitchen is needed to avoid unwanted dangers.

5. Using simple furniture

Simple furniture is also required in a narrow kitchen. One example is the use of a single sink. Why is that? By using this type of furniture, you will save a lot of places and can be reutilized for another furniture laying.

6. Place the item in its place

Because the kitchen supports enough activities at home, therefore to save time while keeping the cleanliness of the kitchen, you need to put objects in the space regularly. For example, laying kitchen spices close to the workbench, so that it is easy to use.

7. Wash furniture immediately after using it

The characteristics of a healthy home are to have a clean kitchen. Therefore, it is better after eating, and you quickly clean the dishes and other food equipment. Because delaying work is not good behavior and allows you to forget to work in the future.

8. Return the item to its place

Not only washing the kitchen furniture but don’t forget to restore the furniture to its original location. Because when the furniture is left to accumulate on the sink, the impression that arises precisely makes the kitchen seem dirty and not maintained. Also, the habit of turning the goods in place can make your kitchen neater.

9. Hanging cooking tools on the wall

To save space in a narrow kitchen, one solution that you can do is by hanging the furniture on the walls of the room. For example, furniture pans, frying pans, etc. To be easier to find and also save space.

So that its some tips you can do to organize your narrow kitchen to make it look wider. Hopefully useful.

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