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Contemporary kitchen design and tips to design it

modern contemporary kitchen design credit: home-designing.com

One of today’s conveniences deserves to be grateful, especially for city dwellers, is the kitchen. Now you no longer need to find firewood or draw water to make a cup of coffee. You have to go to the kitchen, turning on the stove and heating the water using a gas stove. The role of home kitchen is very important for the residents, and if designed properly, you can also feel proud of its existence.

Previously, the kitchen was practical for cooking purposes only. It was only in the 1950s, especially in the US that experienced rapid economic growth, that the kitchen began to have a different concept, not a kitchen in the corner of the house. Besides being functional, the kitchen has become a part of a visually beautiful home.
The development of kitchen designs in this modern era has many types, such as shabby chic kitchen design, minimalist kitchen design, rustic kitchen design, and contemporary design.

From the design that is most applied to the home is now contemporary design, because this design is more to the modernity as there is a kitchen island in kitchen room, etc.
w2The design of this kitchen is also very simple, not much decoration on furniture. Generally, the design of the kitchen that uses this contemporary style uses stainless steel in almost the entire furniture. This is done because of the efficient and long-lasting nature of stainless steel.

Here we present some contemporary kitchen designs that you can use as your ideal kitchen reference material.

1. Contemporary Kitchen Design with brown nuance

contemporary kitchen design with beautiful kitchen island credit: wonderfulengineering.com

dark brown contemporary kitchen design with beautiful kitchen island credit: pinterest.com

The design in the kitchen is dominated with brown and white color. The combination of the two colors produces a modern impression. The stove is placed on the kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen. Above Kitchen island, There is a smoke-suction funnel made of stainless steel.

2. Contemporary Kitchen Design With warm shades

warm contemporary kitchen design with glass kitchen island credit: www.durasupreme.com

warm contemporary kitchen design

credit: pinterest.com

The combination of wood, marble, glass, and stainless steel in the kitchen gives a very modern impression.  To make the kitchen look perfect, add a chandelier above the kitchen island to add a warm impression.

3. Contemporary Kitchen Design With all-white shades

white contemporary kitchen design credit: pinterest.com

beautiful white contemporary kitchen design credit: www.iroonie.com

For those of you who like clean colors like white, this kitchen is perfect to be your reference. Color in this kitchen is dominated by white color with an additional stainless steel accent.

4. Contemporary Kitchen Design With black and white shades

wonderfull black & white contemporary kitchen decoration credit: dwellingdecor.com

beautiful black & white contemporary kitchen decoration credit: theydesign.net

The combination of black and white gives a modern minimalist impression. This design is suitable for those of you who like the contemporary style but have minimal land.

That’s some of our references that you can apply to a kitchen with a contemporary style in your home. To complete the above collection, we provide other design references that you might like :

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