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Beautiful and artistic Industrial kitchen design tips

industrial kitchen decoration ideas credit: housebeautiful.com

The kitchen that combined with a dining room or even with a living room becomes the trend of home interior design since 2017. The reason is practical and can give family warmth. So when the mother is cooking, Father and the children can play or mingle in the family room. Communication with the activities in the kitchen is still possible. That will make activities in the kitchen exciting and not boring.

Especially if all the room was styled with a style that able to support a warm and intimate atmosphere. One of the styles that applied to get the impression of it all is the industrial style kitchen interior design.
The interior design of an industrial kitchen is more interested in people. Besides being cheaper in terms of cost, Industrial style kitchen interior design is capable of giving its appeal because of the color applications such as black, white, and gray.

Several materials are often used in industrial-style kitchen interior design, such as concrete steel pallets, stainless steel plates, steel, and mirrors, and exposed bricks. Wood is also an industrial style interior design material. Even the presence of exposed wood can give a warmer impression in the room.
To create a value of beauty in the interior design of this industrial style, you can give a touch of art but still presents the effect of the industry. For example, you bring the artistic touch to furniture, lighting, and also on the room accessories. The aesthetic application in industrial-style interior design will make your kitchen more attractive.

Meanwhile, the blend of white color with a large opening makes the industrial style interior design feel warm. Light and sunlight will also be able to enter the room freely. But of course, you still have to pay attention to the position of the openings so that the sunlight entering the room is not too excessive.
To create this industrial-style interior design, you must pay attention to the following essential elements.

1. Pipeline

industrial kitchen design layout using pipe material credit: pinterest.com

Yups, this material is certainly no stranger to you. Because indeed this element includes importance in a kitchen. Pipes also become one of the elements in an industry, even all buildings in general. You can apply this pipe in the form of a shelf or cable protector that you stick to the wall and deliberately exposed.

industrial kitchen pipes credit: www.decorlove.com

Also, you can make the pipe as a small table element that you create yourself or make it a suspension of light objects and kitchen utensils. Your creativity and imagination are very helpful to change the pipes, become decorative elements in the interior design of industrial-style kitchens.

2. Wood and metals

wood industrial kitchen design ideas credit: trendir.com

These two elements can be applied to make your kitchen space warm and nostalgic. You can search for these elements even in a flea market. Or maybe you can find it in your home. As such, the old wooden frame of the house will be able to make an interior element with a little artistic touch through color and texture.

metal industrial kitchen decoration ideas credit: grundig.com

Also, you can also present a headboard or just aboard that you can use to write the type of menu you want to prepare it on that day or even the week ahead.

3. Lighting

vintage industrial kitchen lighting design credit: ecoist.com

This element will strongly give an industrial impression in an industrial style interior design. The chandelier is often applied in industrial-style kitchens to create a sense of the industry. The selection of shapes and materials of the chandelier will also create the beauty of a room.

industrial kitchen lighting layout design credit: downsviewkitchens.com

Various lights are depicting the atmosphere of the factory you can present with your creations. For example, the bulb lights that you wrap or give frames with a wooden circuit. Or if you do not want to bother, you can buy it in the market by adjusting the budget that you provide.

These are some of the things that you can reference when you apply the industrial style in your kitchen space. Good luck.

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