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Minimalist Bedroom Design

minimalist bedroom design img via : uniqroom2.blogspot.com

In addition to its function used for a place to unwind, a bedroom is also a private place, where we can do daily activities such as doing assignments, watching, relaxing, and resting of course. Besides that, the bedroom is also often used as a place to put our personal belongings such as clothes, jewelry, cabinets, etc. Seeing its very important function, our bedroom should be designed in an attractive way to be able to pamper the eyes and the feeling of being inside it. But how if your bedrooms are now narrow in size, do we have to renovate their size to be spacious? certainly not. There are many ways to make a narrow bedroom look spacious even with a small size. Here we present how to make your narrow bedroom feel spacious:

1. Classic Minimalist Bedroom Design

minimalist bedroom design for small rooms

img via apartmentsmendoza.com

By combining minimalist and classic concepts, your previously narrow room will feel spacious, using wood material on the floor can make your bedroom room feel more comfortable and more classic, coupled with sufficient lighting from large windows facing directly from the light from outdoor makes your bedroom look brighter and cooler in the morning. Besides placing plants such as flowers or small trees in the room can add a good impression to your bedroom.

2. Dark Modern Bedroom Design

Dark minimalist bedroom design Img by: Artyom Bezfamilniy

This room looks more elegant and modern with dark wood accents as its main material, not much furniture in the room. There is only a closet that is united with a wall and a small closet that serves as a storage area for goods as well as a table for putting a clock or table lamp. To add to the impression of luxury, add a few lights on the wall above the bed and in the ceiling.

3. Black & white theme bedrooms

Black and white minimalist bedroom design with small bed and large window img via : batapartments.co

Black and white are indeed identical to the impression of elegance and luxury, so this color is often applied to several interiors and exterior parts of the house. With a combination of black and white and a large window, it will certainly affect the appearance of your room, the spacious window also serves to give a broad impression on the narrow bedroom. To give a prestige effect in your bedroom, add some furniture such as a standing lamp, a table with a unique shape, a picture of a wall decoration, and television to accompany you when you are saturated.

4. Minimalist luxury bedroom design

Luxury minimalist interior design ideas for small bedroom img via : behance.com

The choice of the color of the room in the bedroom is very influential so that the appearance of your bedroom looks luxurious, as in the picture above which combines brown and gray so that this minimalist room looks luxurious, don’t forget to add some furniture like 2 small cabinets beside the bed glass accents attached to the walls of the room, and also hanging lamps as in the picture above.

5. Simple minimalist bedroom concept

modern minimalist bedroom interior design ideas img via : behance.com

With a 4×5 meter space, you can turn your bedroom into a modern and spacious bedroom. Simply mix white and gray to get a simple but elegant color. For cabinets, use a minimalist concept by making your closet open at the top and bottom closed.

6. Minimalist Bedroom with wall brick wall

Minimalist Bedroom with wallbrick wall img by : Emilia mirzoan

This bedroom is designed in a minimalist style, by combining white and wall brick this design can spoil the eyes of its owner when staying in the room. To add to the modern impression, give a touch of zigzag on your floor. Large window placement is also very important to provide sufficient lighting in your bedroom and also as a place to regulate air circulation so that the bedroom is not stuffy.

7. Modern minimalist bedroom design

Modern minimalist bedroom design img by : Fathy Ibrahim

This bedroom looks modern with some color combinations in all parts of the room. Using brown on the bottom of the room to make it look modern, coupled with the presence of white tables and towering bookshelves make this bedroom more modern.

8. Bedroom with Japanese nuance

japanese minimalist bedroom design with modern concept img via : home-designing.com

You can get the nuances of Japan in the design of this bedroom, the famous Japanese bedroom with the concept of launching it with its mattress placed on the floor.

Wooden floors and box-lined walls show the characteristics of the cherry blossom country, not forgetting the paintings of cherry trees placed on the wall to beautify the room.

9. Design a bedroom by utilizing unused space

modern minimalist bedroom design wit multi purpose furniture in simple bedroom img via : home-designing.com

Making use of the unused space in the bedroom is a good idea to make our rooms look spacious. For example, making a storage room under the bed, this bed will add a minimalist impression to the bedroom that we occupy.

10. Design a bedroom with glass windows

grey minimalist single bedroom design img via : homedit.com
Try applying glass as a substitute for the wall to add a broad impression to your narrow bedroom, this you can apply if outside the room there is a garden or a beautiful view.

and if you want to see more inspiration about minimalist bedroom design you can get reference below :

Amazing minimalist small bedroom interior design with modern furniture img via : vexels.com

scandinavian minimalist bedroom design img via : nukostudio.pl

minimalist bedroom designs small space with marmer accent img by : mena thabet

Green accent for modern minimalist bedroom interior design img via : homedit.com

using art in minimalist bedroom interior design img via : home-designing.com

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